Should You Attempt Your Foreign Car Repair Yourself?

Should You Attempt Your Foreign Car Repair Yourself_

If you are like most people, you are always up for ways to save money, and car repair is one of those areas where it costs money every once in a while (yes, even on your Asian import vehicle that is typically super reliable). We don’t blame you if you think to yourself from time… read more

3 Styles of Customers Our Auto Mechanic Sees: Which One Are You?

3 Styles Of Customers Our Auto Mechanic Sees_ Which One Are You_

If you’re not trained in car mechanics, you may find it to be a puzzling thing to know exactly when the noise or rattle or smell coming from your car is just a fluke or something serious that you should pay attention to. It’s kind of like knowing when to go to the doctor. Do… read more

Does Your Car Need One of these Common Toyota Repairs?


Owning a Toyota is typically a fabulous experience for most drivers. Toyota’s reliability and longevity combine to make a car that drives for a long time while needing minimal repair. However, some Toyotas still need repairing, and when you work in a car repair shop that specializes in foreign car repair, you tend to see… read more

How to Retain Value in Your Car


If you are the owner of an Asian-made car, you’ve made a great decision! If you use Asian imports to service your Toyota, Honda or Hyundia, you’ve made another great decision. We service Asian imports of all types and domestic vehicles too! We service cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Call today for a maintenance appointment. When… read more

A Look at the Mystery That is Tune-ups


If you know something about cars, you’ll know that even the most modern car needs a good tune-up every so often. We will look at some basic tune-up oriented questions and try to provide answers! Your mechanic at Asian Imports in Las Vegas wants your car to run the best it can, and to last… read more

Will You Be Ready For Emergencies on Your Road Trip

If you’ve decided to break out of Vegas and hit the road before the summer is over, you need to be prepared for any emergencies that might arise. Crossing the desert can be dangerous if you go off the main highways to explore the gorgeous canyons or desert that lies between us and just about… read more

Is Your Car Ready For a Road Trip?

There is only about a month left before kids have to head back to school, and if you haven’t taken your summer vacation yet, you may be planning on squeezing in a road trip while you still can. Your mechanic from Asian import cars, trucks, and motorcycles has some advice for you to get your… read more

Qualified Mechanics

When your either suspect or know for sure that there is something wrong with your car and don’t have an established mechanic you feel you can trust to repair your car, you may feel you need to start from scratch finding a mechanic for your foreign Asian import car.  Look no further Asian Imports has… read more

Trouble Shooting a Clutch

Asian Imports is the best place to bring your car for maintenance and repair. We offer you top-notch car mechanics for work on your Asian import cars. We service foreign cars, such as Subarus, Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, and domestic cars too. Just like you, we are car drivers and know what an inconvenience bringing your… read more