5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

There are several things that drivers look out for to ascertain if their cars need immediate attention or not. Noise, especially from the engine, is one of these signs. It's not something you should ignore, but rather visit our trusted mechanic as soon as you can. 


While it may be tempting to try and identify the cause of the noise using DIY tactics, getting professional help is the best decision in such cases. Our experts are trained and experienced in diagnosing the cause of noise in your car and finding a lasting solution. In this article, we will highlight the top 5 car noises that call for immediate mechanic attention.


Squealing or Chirping in the Engine

A squealing or chirping noise emerging from the engine when accelerating is an indication of an underlying issue in your car. Besides the serpentine belt, the accessory belt may also be faulty. Also, the timing, fan, and v-belts may be worn out. A visit to our auto repair shop is the only way to determine the main cause of such noises and find a permanent solution.


Snapping, Popping, or Clicking Sounds

Anytime you hear any of these sounds, especially when turning, it shows there's a problem with your car's constant velocity joints. Immediate care and attention to this issue is a great way to prevent a broken axle.


Grinding Noises

If you hear the engine grinding the starter motor when starting the car, then it is time to visit our car repair shop at your earliest convenience. When this sound arises during gear shifting, the transmission is likely to be faulty. One of our mechanics can help you resolve the issue before you resume driving your car.


Rumbling, Rattling, or Sputtering Noises

Some of the most common causes of these sounds include a hole in the exhaust system, an underlying issue in the engine or catalytic converter.


Hissing Sounds

It is a sign of a range of problems. The engine, for instance, could be overheated. Other causes may include leaking vacuums, leaking fluids to the hot parts of the engine, and a plugged catalytic converter.


There are numerous car noises, and they indicate different auto problems. We recommend that you seek immediate help anytime they identify any strange noises in the car to maintain car safety and prevent further damage. Please visit Asian Imports today for any kinds of repairs your car needs. Call us or stop by any of our 3 convenient locations today!

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