5 Major Signs It’s Time to Replace the Timing Belt

   The timing belt is similar to the chain on a bicycle; it works to keep all of your vehicle's moving internal parts running in sync. Timing belts are black rubber with a bit of nylon and typically need to be replaced over time. They're a similar construction to a clothing belt, but with square teeth or cogs. If the timing belt breaks or becomes worn, multiple problems will occur in a domino effect. Without the timing belt, the combustion's timing reaction will be off. The valves will not open at the right time and can become severely damaged. The air and fuel mixture will not be ignited at the right time, and in severe cases, may cause a misfire. Since the timing belt and water pump work hand in hand, they're usually replaced during the same service. Replacement service can restore the performance and functionality of your vehicle. Most modern cars have a timing chain that doesn't need replacement, but you should stay informed if you're driving an older vehicle as they typically use timing belts. Below are five common signs your car is due for a timing belt replacement.

Your car will be hard to start.  

Without a functional timing belt, the ignition timing will be off. If the ignition timing isn't correct, your vehicle will struggle to turn on altogether.  

The engine is shaking and vibrating.

If the timing belt is worn and missing teeth, the engine's natural rhythm will be thrown off. The engine will struggle to perform, leading to a vibrating and shaky ride. 

There is an oil leak. 

If any parts of the timing belt become loose, they can start leaking oil. Broken or loose parts can cause the timing belt to fail prematurely. In addition to oil leaks beneath your vehicle, it will also run hot and overheat. 

The exhaust will become visible. 

As mentioned earlier, without the timing belt, the valves will not open or close at the appropriate time. This can eventually cause problems with how much fuel is burned. A timing belt problem may cause a thick, noticeable smoke to flow from the tailpipe.

Engine Misfire

A broken timing belt will have valves opening at the wrong time and impact the combustion process. In severe cases, the engine timing will be affected badly enough that the engine will misfire. If your vehicle is misfiring, it's best to seek expert automotive support as soon as possible. 

Timing Belt replacement in Las Vegas, NV

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