5 Signs It's Time for a Wheel Alignment

Maintaining all of the necessary maintenance and repair work on your car, even with the advances in technology and performance, can be difficult. Correct wheel alignment is essential for a smooth and safe ride. There are several signs and symptoms of wheel alignment issues that are easy to overlook. The following are five of the most common signs:

Is tire-related accident a common occurrence?

Based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicle is responsible for 2% of all vehicle crashes, and of those, 35% are due to tire problems. There are 15,000 auto accidents in the U.S. every year caused by tire problems.

Difficulty Controlling Your Vehicle

A vehicle that pulls to the left or right when you intend on driving straight could have a problem with its alignment. You might notice anything from a slight tug to a hard jerk. Sometimes, under-inflated or incorrectly-sized tires may cause this issue.

Tires That Wear Unevenly or Rapidly

When you notice your tires are wearing unevenly or wear out more quickly than usual, you most likely have an alignment problem.

Crooked Steering Wheel

While driving straight down the road, does it seem as if your steering wheel is crooked or off-centered? In this case, you could be maneuvering with the steering wheel off-center to compensate for an out-of-alignment car. A frequent occurrence of this indicates that your wheels need realigning.

Unstable Handling

There are times when you may notice your vehicle's steering wheel feels looser than it used to. That may mean that your wheels are out of alignment, causing your car to drift off the road. It may be hard for you to drive if you have loose handling.

There Are Vibrations

When your steering wheel is not aligned, it vibrates frequently. You may experience vibration while driving as a result.

Do The Right Thing

If your wheel alignment is incorrect, your car can suffer a lot of damage and you could be at risk for an accident. If you need a wheel alignment, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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