6 Things Every Teen Driver Should Know

Getting your driver's license and the first car can be liberating for teens. Whereas, for many parents, it can be worrying and nerve-wracking. Education is key to ensuring your child is safe on the road to better ease parents' minds. We've put together this list of 6 essential things that teens and their parents should discuss before this important stage in life.

  1. How to Change a Flat - This may be easier to demonstrate than to explain. Go over the steps with your teen, including the needed tools to put in a spare tire.
  2. How to Check Tire Pressure - Proper tire inflation is key to safer and more cost-efficient driving. Teach your child how to add air to their tires and how much their car requires, which can be located on the driver's door jamb sticker. Feel free to pull out the owner's manual too.
  3. How to Check Motor Oil and Other Fluids - Go over the various fluids within the motor vehicle, including the engine oil, power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and more. Afterward, teach them the different methods of evaluating the level and condition of each liquid. For example, how to use the dipstick when checking motor oil.
  4. How to Jump-Start a Car Battery - Every driver should learn this skill because they'll need to do this at some point in their lives. While this may be intimidating at first, it will be a breeze once you familiarize yourself with the order of the steps and the negative and positive terminals and clamps.
  5. What to Do in Case of a Breakdown - Make sure your teen is prepared for worst-case scenarios by packing an emergency supply kit. It should include jumper cables, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, hazard signs, water/snacks, and more.
  6. What to Do Following An Accident - Unfortunately, teen drivers are more likely to get into auto accidents. While we hope this never happens to you or your child, it's vital to go over the steps following an accident, including turning on flashers, checking for injuries, calling the police to report the incident, and exchanging information with the other party.

Last but not least, you should stress the importance of vehicle maintenance to your child. Regular inspections and check-ups will ensure the car your teen drives is safe. 


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