If you know something about cars, you’ll know that even the most modern car needs a good tune-up every so often. We will look at some basic tune-up oriented questions and try to provide answers! Your mechanic at Asian Imports in Las Vegas wants your car to run the best it can, and to last you as long as it can. Check out our current promotions and come in and meet us!

How often do I need a tune-up?

In older cars, it was recommended that you get a tune-up every year or so, but now mechanics pay attention more to the milage than to the calendar. If your car was built after the 1980s, you will need to have it tuned up every 15,000 miles. So, depending on how many miles you drive a year, you can have a tune-up more or less frequently.

What is involved in a tune-up?

Usually, a tune-up will replace items in your car’s engine that take the most wear. This includes items such as the air filter and fuel filter, spark plugs and rotors (if present), and checking on items such as fluid levels, manifold intake, the vehicle’s computer, belts, and brake pads.

What is the goal of a tune-up?

A tune-up is to make sure your vehicle’s performance is as good as it can be. Making sure that all the systems are working at maximum efficiency will give you more power and better fuel efficiency. Regular tune-ups also help your car last longer.

My car is computerized, do I still need a tune-up?

While it’s true that modern cars, with their computers, will tell you if something wrong, it isn’t always a good idea to leave regular maintenance issue until they become a problem that the computer registers. It’s a good idea to have things checked out be a human, especially if you are planning a road trip. The computer may even camouflage trouble by making tweaks to maintain peak performance without alerting you.

Is the recommended maintenance the same thing as a tune-up?

While there may be some overlap, not all the items on a tune-up list are included in the recommended maintenance list. It’s not a bad idea to do them both at the same time, though, so ask your mechanic to give your car a thorough once-over to make sure that it runs well.

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