Common Signs Your Water Pump Is Failing

This year’s summer sun is giving endless waves of heat, and during this time, your vehicle heavily relies on its water pump to help keep your engine cool. The water pump ensures that the coolant circulates between the radiator and the engine so that the engine consistently runs at a manageable operating temperature. Without a functioning water pump, your vehicle will overheat, leading to significant internal engine damage. An older vehicle is more likely to encounter water pump issues over time. However, no matter how old or new, even the most technologically advanced water pumps can run into problems.

If you’re experiencing water pump problems in Las Vegas, Asian Imports Auto is here to help. Below are a few common symptoms that your water pump is failing:

You Notice a Coolant Leak

The radiator’s coolant is a bright greenish-yellow color and pretty easy to spot if looking underneath a vehicle. The water pump has small gaskets that can wear with time. This can also indicate a major problem with the radiator or a connecting line. This is a sign that should be inspected by a technician.

The Engine is Overheating

One of the most classic signs of a failing water pump is the engine overheating. An engine overheating should not be a regular occurrence and should be inspected after the first time. Having an automotive expert inspect your vehicle can address whether this occurred from a small issue or the failure of a significant component.

Unusual Engine Sounds

A loose accessory belt may cause your engine to squeal, whine, or buzz. The accessory belt can become loose if any of your bearings are worn out, or a pulley is loose. If a loose bearing enters the water pump, it will need to be replaced altogether.

If you are experiencing water pump issues or have any other concerns with your vehicle Asian Imports Auto is here to help. Our ASE certified technicians know exactly what it takes to figure out any automotive problem and offer top-of-the-line diagnostics in Las Vegas.

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