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Owning a Toyota is typically a fabulous experience for most drivers. Toyota’s reliability and longevity combine to make a car that drives for a long time while needing minimal repair. However, some Toyotas still need repairing, and when you work in a car repair shop that specializes in foreign car repair, you tend to see a lot of the same issues over and over again.

In this blog post, we’d like to cover just a few of the Toyota repair issues that seem to be more frequent than others. If you have any of these issues with your vehicle, we will be glad to take a look and get your repair done quickly and accurately. After all, we’ve probably done each of these repairs more than a few times.

Anti-Lock Brakes on the 2006-2007 Highlander Hybrid

If you have a 2006-2007 Highlander Hybrid, you may run into an issue where your anti-lock brakes fail. Typically you’ll know that your anti-lock brakes have a problem when you have a warning light on your dash, you have to apply much more pressure than usual on your brake pedal to slow the car, or the brakes feel like they’re “skipping” or “pulsing.” Quite often, this problem is traceable to the need for the actuator to be replaced. Being without brakes is not a good situation, so if you suspect that your anti-lock brakes are failing, you should definitely get them checked out. Do not drive a vehicle that has no braking power.

Toyota Repair

Anti-Lock Brakes on the 2003-2005 4Runner

Toyota 4Runners from 2003-2005 also tend to have an issue with the actuator assembly in the anti-lock braking system. If your 4Runner is in these years, please be watchful for any braking issues as your vehicle gets older and the miles on it rack up.

Power Steering on the 1996-2002 4Runner

As vehicles get older, it’s common for one part or another to fail, but when you start to see a pattern, you can start to guess that that part might have had some inherent weaknesses that caused it to fail. Now, your 96 4Runner may be over 20 years old, but it’s probably still running and driving great! (At least, we have seen many of these vehicles, even with high mileage, reliably transport their owners from point A to point B.) However, what’s likely to fail on your 4Runner is the power steering gear. If you notice any symptoms of power steering failure, be sure to contact us at Asian Imports and we will be happy to get it fixed.

Sliding door for the 2004-2010 Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is a great minivan, but we’ve seen the power sliding door on many of these vehicles fail prematurely. If your side sliding door will no longer open, especially if you’ve heard a pop or some crunching noise inside the door, it’s time to get the door cable replaced. Don’t go without a door that opens and closes. Even if you’ve gotten into the habit of using the other side door for everything, you probably still feel how inconvenient this is. The friendly folks at Asian Imports will be glad to get your door good as new again. The good news is that Toyota has updated the design of the replacement OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts so that they will be longer-lasting than the first ones that came with the vehicle. Your sliding door might possibly even outlast your car once you get it fixed.

Door handle for older Corollas

If you have a Toyota Corolla, you might find that one or more of your door handles have broken from the inside, making it difficult and inconvenient to get in and out of your car. While you might have rigged up a system or learned the tricks of your car’s door handle, you probably have to show your passengers how to open their door every single time. The door handle repair is not extremely difficult or involved, and we can have you in and out in no time with a door that opens as it was originally intended to.

No matter what repair you need for your Toyota, Asian Imports has you covered. Visit us at either of our two locations and let one of our friendly repair mechanics take a look at the problem, give you an estimate, and do the repairs that your vehicle needs. Count on Asian Imports today!

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