Driving Tips for SUV Drivers

Did you know that more than half of passenger vehicles on the road today are SUVs? They make up a huge market in the US. SUVs are great options for single individuals to large families. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a young or old driver, SUVs are a great option for everybody if you want to upsize.

Most people love SUVs because their increased height can give you a better view of the road, and their size makes you feel more protected. If you want to switch from being a sedan or truck driver to an SUV, read on to learn about some key tips for SUV motorists.

  • Take it for a test ride - Obviously, with any car, you should test drive before buying. It can give you a better perspective and a generally better “Feel” of what it would be like. You can gauge how high you are off the road and the size of the vehicle. Since SUVs can be large, you must be extra careful with maneuvering into tight spots. 
  • Learn their blind spots -  Next, larger vehicles have larger blind spots. Be cautious of your surroundings.
  • Allow extra stopping distance - SUVs take longer to stop due to their physical size and weight. It is basic physics. Therefore, you should allow extra time to stop to avoid collisions.
  • Practice defensive driving - Last but not least, you should practice safe and defensive driving when adjusting to a new vehicle. You should minimize distractions by keeping your phone away. More importantly, remember to stay calm and stay away from aggressive driving.

If you end up choosing an SUV, we are sure you will love it. For all your SUV automotive needs, we invite you to Asian Imports for quality maintenance and repairs.

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