Asian Imports is your trustworthy, local mechanic for all your Asian auto repair and maintenance needs.We have two convenient locations in southwest Las Vegas and in Summerlin. We are experts at servicing Asian cars of all makes and models and can also service domestic autos.

Extended warranties

  • Extended warranties can cover the costs associated with car repairs and some regular maintenance for a stated length of time or a limited number of miles.
  • An extended warranty is not part of the warranty you automatically get when you purchase a car.
  • Extended warranties are purchased separately from the regular warranty.

Reasons Your Extended Warranty Will Be Voided

  • Street racing, if discovered, will be a cause for your warranty to be voided.
  • Aftermarket enhancements to your vehicle will be grounds for termination of an extended warranty
  • Taking any vehicle off road, even one you think is designed to go off road, may void your warranty
  • Neglecting to have your car serviced according to the recommended maintenance schedule is grounds for termination of the extended warranty.

Common misconception

  • Many people believe that to keep your extended warranty valid, all maintenance must be done through a dealer. This is not true.
  • As long as you keep records of your maintenance, your extended warranty will be valid.
  • Some dealers tell people that extended warranties are required. This is not true.
  • There are some exceptions so you should read your warranty paperwork thoroughly.

When you choose Asian Imports to perform your regular maintenance or repair services, you are choosing a local expert. Call 702.843.5281 for our Summerlin location or 702.843-5284 for our Las Vegas location.

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