How Often Should You Replace the Air Filter in Your Car?

Nearly every vehicle on the road has an air filter in the engine compartment. The air filter is responsible for keeping the air inside the engine clean, so that wear and tear are minimized. Let’s face it – dirt, dust, and a ton of other pollutants are floating around our vehicles every day. The filter keeps the air clean. Moreover, your engine needs clean air to run efficiently and smoothly. Read on to learn more about engine air filters and when to replace them.

Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter is very simple, and it closely resembles the air filter in your own home. Every internal combustion engine needs a proper amount of fuel and air to perform well. The quality of the air is also just as important as the fuel-to-air ratio. Not to mention, a dirty air filter can cause an air blockage, which can lead to engine inefficiency and poor performance.

When Should The Air Filter Be Replaced?

All you have to do is not let the engine air filter get too dirty. An easy way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to inspect it regularly. Depending on how often you drive and the air quality that you operate your vehicle in, your air filter may need to be refreshed sooner than later. Most automakers will suggest that you don’t wait any longer than 30,000 miles between each replacement. You can rely on the honest and trustworthy team at Asian Imports to recommend your air filter replacements when it is necessary.  

Whenever you are due for an air filter change or any other kind of maintenance, choose Asian Imports for the job. We can check your filters at any time – feel free to stop by our auto repair shop soon

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