The next few months are all about the holidays. We will all be getting together with friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate. Because of all of the celebrations, you will probably be driving more at night in the near future. Not many people realize it, but night driving can be pretty dangerous. Here at Asian Imports Plus, our experts are dedicated to not only providing you with the Honda repair that you need in Las Vegas, but we also want to keep you safe when you are behind the wheel! That is why our experts have come up with this list of nighttime driving safety tips:

Keep Your Eyes Moving
Visibility is much lower at night, and many people wear glasses simply for night driving. If you are having a hard time seeing at night, then it is always a good idea to get your vision checked before heading out on the road at night. Scan the road continuously, searching for animal retinas reflecting, street signs, and movement in your mirrors. Be sure to remove your sunglasses!

Eliminate Distractions
It is far too easy to get distracted while driving, especially after a holiday party. These distractions can be very dangerous, especially when your visibility is already low. Avoid using your cell phone, eating, or grooming yourself while driving at all times, but especially when it is dark. Dim your instrument panel and dash lights to reduce your in-car distractions.

Turn on Your Headlights
When it comes to using your headlights, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can be doing everything by the book and still get into an accident if another driver can’t see you. Turning on your headlights will make you much more visible. It is a good idea to get into the habit of using your headlights more often than not — at a minimum, dusk to dawn. Keeping your headlights clean and aimed directly ahead. If your headlight is fading, it’s better to change it before it burns out.

Don’t Tailgate
People who drive at night are often tired, which can slow your response times. That is why you should never tailgate the car in front of you. If you are far enough back, you will have more than enough time to react to brake lights. Tailgating can make the driver in front of you nervous, which can end in a wreck. Back off and maintain respectful distances.

Drive Sober
During the holidays, we are far more tempted to indulge in an adult beverage and then still attempt to drive home. During the holidays, there is a significant increase in DUIs and alcohol-related accidents. Never risk it; it isn’t worth it.

Stay Awake
One of the biggest dangers of night driving is sleepy driving. This risk is significantly increased when you are driving home from a long, exhausting day of heavy eating and celebration. Once the hum of your car meets the road and the night is dark and quiet, it can be easy to nod off. To keep yourself awake, try playing loud music and singing along; blow the air, either AC or windows down; and monitor yourself, don’t wait until it’s too late to stop and pull over for a break.

At Asian Import Plus in Las Vegas, our foreign car owners are just as important to us as their foreign cars. Don’t let unsafe night driving be the reason your imported car and your holidays are ruined. Happy driving and holidays from Asian Imports Plus!

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