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When you want a true look at resale value of a car, we all know to go to the Kelley Blue Book. If you look up the top ten cars with the highest resale values in 2016, you will see that the five on the top sports cars have been taken by Asian cars. The top two spots are held by Toyota, with the Tacoma at the top, followed by the 4Runner. The Toyota Tundra comes in at number six and the Subaru WRX lands at number seven. The top ten is rounded out by the Subaru Forester. According to Bankrate, the top performers in resale value according to their class and in the subcompact class, the Honda Fit comes out on top. In the compact class, the Honda Civic is tops and the Honda Accord is best in mid-sized class. In the full-sized car class, the Hyundai Azera comes out on top. In the luxury class the Lexus GS 350 retains its value the best. To round out their car categories, they rate the Toyota FJ Cruiser as the best value retainer.

The Resale Value of Your Asian Car or Truck

You may be asking what you can do to make sure you get the best resale value out of your car if you should decide to resell it someday. There are certain steps you can take to ensure that the value stays high. One way to figure out how to keep your car valuable is by looking again at the Kelley Blue Blue values. Let’s look at the 2007 Toyota Highlander as an example. When you go to see the value of your car, the menu will take you through a menu of items that help determine the value of your resale vehicle.

Features of Your Vehicle

The first thing you’ll need to enter is the milage, and while you don’t want to limit your life in order to limit the mileage on your car, you should make sure the maintenance that has been done on the vehicle is appropriate for the mileage. The next thing you’ll figure out is a list of features you have. Of course, once you buy a car, you have limited power to change these, but these are an important aspect in the pricing. One important thing to remember is that if you have a moon roof, but it no longer opens, the price will be negatively affected. The exterior condition of your car is important too, but isn’t always under your control. It’s good to keep your car clean, waxed, and repair any chips in the paint before they turn to rusty spots.

Maintenance Condition

The next step is to figure out what condition level your car belongs in. Is it in excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor condition? One important category that is a deciding factor in deciding the condition is the mechanical condition of your car. Finally, this is something you have real power over! The frequency and the quality of your car maintenance greatly determines the resale value of your car. Here are some maintenance items that you should have done on a regular basis to maximize your resale value of your import car or truck.

Check Your Fluids

  • Your mechanic will do this when they do a full-check on your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it between tune-ups, especially if you’ve noticed your vehicle acting funny and you are waiting to be able to take it in.

Oil Changes

  • While it’s true that newer cars can go much longer than older cars between oil changes, it is still important to get your oil changed at recommended intervals, which is often about 5,000 miles.
  • It’s important that your mechanic uses the best oil for your vehicle, something you can be sure of when you bring your car or truck into Asian Imports.

Timing Belt Replacement

  • When your mechanic tells you it’s time to change the timing belt, it is best to do it!
  • Neglecting to do this relatively inexpensive maintenance can save you thousands, and add to the resale value.

Fix Problems Fast

  • When your car is making a funny sound, or is not braking or accelerating as it should be, get it fixed.
  • Don’t let an easy-to-fix problem turn into a major repair because it wasn’t done in a timely fashion.
  • Call Asian Imports today to schedule your next maintenance appointment and retain your resale value!
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