Looking for a dependable and reasonable mechanic? Look no further than Asian Imports. Asian Imports is the place to go for service for all Asian import cars as well as domestic cars. We have two locations for your convenience. Besides fixing your car when it is broken down, we also are pros at regular maintenance so that it doesn’t get to that point quickly. One thing we do when we performance on your vehicle is check and change the air filter.

Importance of Air Filters

Anyone who has spent any time at all in or around Las Vegas knows that the dirt here is a fine desert dust, capable of clogging up an air filter with just one drive down a dirt road, or even a drive down the road when the wind has kicked up the dust. So, why is the air filter so important? An internal combustion engine, like that in your car, runs on just that -combustion- and the fuel that is being ignited has to be mixed with oxygen in the proper ratio. If the air filter is clogged, the engine won’t be able to get the right amount of oxygen and consequently won’t run well. One sure sign that your engine is not getting the oxygen it needs is black smoke in the exhaust. This is a sign that too much fuel is being burnt and that you need to check your air filter. But don’t’ wait until you see black smoke to change your filter! Keep your car running smoothly with good maintenance from Asian Imports.

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