Lexus Models Made Simple

Lexus is a luxury division of the Japanese car giant, Toyota. It makes great cars with reliability and comfort as the top priorities. Throughout the years, they have been designed with elegance in mind and have stayed true to it even today.

As with almost all vehicle manufacturers, models can get confusing. With all the numbers and letters they have, we won't blame you if you get them mixed up. That's why we have made a guide to simply determining which is which. They are split into four main categories: sedans and one hatchback, coupes, crossovers (compact SUVs), and SUVs. Read along to find out more.

Sedans And Hatchbacks - ES, IS, LS, CT

When talking about sedans, Lexus doesn't fall short. The range consists of three main models: ES, IS, and LS. The most luxurious is the LS, which has a very futuristic approach to the interior while staying true to the Lexus name from the outside. It's an overall great pick for a family or business trip. Moving on to the lonely hatchback, the CT. It's marketed as a hybrid, premium compact hatchback and has received a facelift version in 2017 for those who want a newer look.

Coupes - RC, LC, LFA

Lexus' design really shines in their coupes. Let's start with the RC and LC. Both are luxury-oriented front-engine coupes that share a platform with other models: the RC with the IS and the LC with the LS. Therefore, the LC is a little bit more premium. 
Moving on to probably one of the most legendary vehicles ever made, the Lexus LFA. It was made between 2011 and 2013. It's a two-seat sports-supercar equipped with a V10 engine. It's a masterpiece made by Toyota and offers everything from comfort to speed.

Crossovers - NX, RX, RZ, UX

If you are not into sedans, you might like the crossover lineup or a compact SUV. Spacious and luxurious, with enough power to get you around quite quickly, it's the perfect match for many. There is even an electric option with the RZ for those who are into EVs.


Probably the most interesting models for the general public are full-sized SUVs. The GX and LX offer a lot of space and luxury features. They are the perfect example of the Lexus division and what it stands for. Both of them have newer-looking and revamped models starting in 2021.

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