One Of My Mirrors Is Damaged. Is It Still Legal To Drive?

Since side mirrors stick out from the car’s body, they’re more prone to accidental damage. Side mirrors can end up dangling loosely off the door or end up breaking off completely. Side mirrors do not impact the functionality of the vehicle; they are designed to provide additional visibility of up to 200 feet behind the car. Side mirrors increase the driving experience by helping you park, turn, and switch lanes. Is it illegal to drive your car without one? The legality of the side mirror varies from state to state. 

Some states require that both side mirrors be present and fully functional to operate your vehicle legally. However, it’s legal in most states to drive if one side mirror is damaged as long as the second side mirror is functional and the rearview mirror is intact. If there is cargo blocking the visibility of the rearview mirror, some states require that both side-view mirrors are operational. 

Whether one of your mirrors has a small crack or is completely torn off, driving without a fully functioning mirror is dangerous. Even a small crack can limit your ability to analyze what’s happening around you on the road. All mirrors are important components to avoiding accidents and injuries while commuting. Replacing a mirror can be a simple repair. It’s advised to protect your investment, leaving a mirror damaged can decrease the value of your vehicle. Before driving with a broken mirror, check your state’s regulations for special conditions.

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