Asian Imports is the place to turn in Las Vegas to have your Asian import car or motorcycle serviced. Our mechanics are fully trained on modern computerized autos as well as older vehicles. We service domestic cars as well.

In most cars these days there are computers to keep tabs on your engine’s performance and alert you to service needs, but sometimes old fashioned know-how can be used to make that call.

Engine Light

  • Well, yeah. This makes sense, but you’d be surprised at how many people disregard the engine lights.
  • If you have a Toyota and your VSC light comes on, get immediate attention.

Squeaks and Squeals

  • If you have a really loud whine coming from under the hood, it is likely a loose belt. It’s an easy fix, but should be seen to.
  • If the noise of the engine seems uneven when your car is idling, it should be seen. It may be just that you need new spark plugs, but it is better to have it seen to before you get stranded somewhere.
  • If your brakes are making a loud squeaking sound when you apply the brakes, you may need new brake pads.


  • Another no-brainer, right? Well, many people will tolerate smoke from their exhaust for weeks before bringing it in for service.
  • Smoke from the exhaust is a common sign of an oil leak or that some parts have worn out.
  • While this is not a sign of imminent engine failure, it should be repaired sooner rather than later.

Call Asian Imports if you see these signs, or any other signs that your car needs servicing.

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