Auto Services That Should Always Be Done By a Professional

While we understand some of you guys and gals like to get your hands dirty when it comes to your car, there are certain maintenance practices that are better off left for a trained technician to do. Items like oil changes, filter changes, and wiper replacements may be done at home, but there are other tasks that require proper skills and expensive equipment.

Here is a brief list of "Don't try this at home"' auto maintenance and repairs:

  • Check Engine Diagnostics - Many motorists think they can diagnose and repair their check engine light. The problem with check engine lights is that there are many vague reasons and codes for it, which is why they need more sophisticated equipment to be accurately detected. Professional techs can read and apply their knowledge to decipher the codes and determine the best solution for you.
  • Tire Rotation - Yes, you may be able to pick up a jack and swap your wheels around. However, a tire rotation service typically includes re-balancing the tires, checking for uneven patterns, and inspecting the sidewall and tread for damage. These things require a good eye and extra equipment that you may not have in your home garage. It's best to leave essential tire services like these for a mechanic to do.
  • Freon/Refrigerant Recharge - Your vehicle's A/C system is a closed system. Filling the system without patching up potential leaks is not a good solution. You may also be putting in the freon incorrectly because it requires the proper tubes, etc. If your car needs a cool-down, leave it to us.
  • Engine Repair - Nowadays, engines are becoming more complex and need precise parts, nuts, and bolts to function fully. Plus, the motor remains to be the most challenging part of understanding. If you somehow mess up, you can end up spending more than you needed to in the first place. Whether you drive old or new, leave the engine repairs to us.

If your vehicle requires any of the above services, please do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Asian Imports. We will take great care of your vehicle at a fair price. Please call or visit one of our 3 locations in Las Vegas, NV, or Henderson, NV!

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