What Are Common Reasons for a Power Steering Light to Come On

Warning lights on the dashboard can be daunting, and some of us like to shrug it off and pretend like they're not there. If one suddenly appears on your dash and the light looks like a steering wheel, then you should know that there is something wrong with your power steering. You might wonder what's wrong and whether it is safe to keep driving.

What Is Power Steering?

Before you can fully grasp the scope of the problem, we should probably take it back to power steering basics. Power steering is not a new concept, and it has been around for decades. Before the innovation, steering was done manually, which required a lot of effort. Power steering alleviates some of the stress of turning your vehicle manually, and nowadays, this system can be hydraulic or electric. If there's an issue with this vital system, the vehicle will automatically disable power steering until the repair is done.

Reasons for Power Steering Warning Light

In Hydraulic Power Steering Systems

If you have a car with hydraulic power steering and the light comes on, it means that you're low on power steering fluid. To be sure, you should check the levels right away. If it is low, please top it off. However, a professional mechanic can better help you put the correct fluid in and check for leaks. If the fluid level doesn't look shallow, you are probably dealing with a different issue.

In Electric Power Steering Systems

For those with an electric system, try restarting your vehicle to see if the light goes away. Sometimes, your vehicle's computer system will malfunction and give you a false warning light. If the warning is still on your dashboard after the restart, you should take it to a technician for a more in-depth diagnosis.

Is It Safe to Drive?

With the car's power steering disabled, your car is still driveable. Please note that manual steering still requires a significant amount of work. Controlling and turning your vehicle will be a challenge that could lead dangerous, so we recommend not driving. However, you should make that judgment yourself at your discretion.


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