What Do The Different Octane Ratings Mean

Have you ever noticed the numbers on the fuel pumps - for example, 87 or 91? Well, if so, you probably don't know what it means, just like a lot of other people. Below, you will find what they exactly mean, what is important, and how to find the right one for your vehicle, so if this has piqued your interest, continue reading.

Octane Ratings Explained

Let's start with the numbers, which normally start at 87 and go up to 94 - keep that in mind. Simply put, the higher the number, the less chance it has to ignite due to compression. Higher ratings are for engines that need a lot of compression to ignite the fuel, and lower ones are for engines that can't produce that much compression. This means that higher-octane-rated fuel is meant for more advanced and powerful vehicles because of the high compression demands their engines have.

Is It Important?

The short answer is yes because the engines are designed to work with a specific fuel. Therefore, the rating it has plays a big role. If you put high-octane-rated fuel in a car that can't make that much compression, the performance will be decreased. And if the opposite happens, damage to the engine and transmission can occur over time. Keep in mind that most of the time, problems will be noticeable after a while and won't be immediate. Realistically, the difference between them isn't that big, but over time, it can cause trouble.

How Can I Tell What Fuel To Use In My Car?

The best way to tell what fuel to use in your car is either by reading the owner's manual or the gas cap. Don't trust online sources and instead read what the manufacturer's recommendations are.

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