What Happens If You Skip an Oil Change?

Staying on top of routine maintenance should always be a top priority for drivers in Las Vegas. Things happen, and life gets busy, so it’s not uncommon to miss a service appointment. Most vehicles need their oil changed every 5,000 miles. And if your car uses synthetic oil, you may be able to drive for an extra thousand miles or so. Outside of gas, clean oil to lubricate the engine is one of the most critical fluids for a safe drive. If you don’t remember the last time your car was seen, it may have you wondering what can happen if you skip an oil change.

Engine Damage
If you wait too long between oil changes, the lack of lubrication will cause the engine to shut down completely. A major engine shut down may require a replacement, leading to thousands of dollars in service and repairs.

The Engine Will Knock
If the engine oil hasn’t been changed in a while, the oil may become thick and sludge-like. Engine oil should be fluid and clean to lubricate the engine adequately. Dirty oil will cause the engine to bang and knock under the hood.

The Engine Oil Warning Light Will Turn On
You should never wait until the engine oil light comes on before changing the oil. If the oil light illuminates on the dashboard, you’re past due for an oil change.

The Warranty May Become Void
Some vehicle warranties may require regular service and maintenance. If you skip an oil change and major damage occurs, it may void the warranty. This will eventually lead to more costly repairs and service in the future.

A Decrease in Resale Value
If you plan to resell your vehicle or trade it in, skipping oil changes can significantly damage the engine and reduce the resale value.  

Poor Gas Mileage
Engine oil that is changed at regular intervals helps your car's fuel efficiency. Naturally, skipping an oil change causes the reverse effect. Old engine oil will cause resistance in major engine parts, making it work harder. The harder the engine works to power the vehicle, the more fuel it will burn.

When you’re busy, scheduling time for an oil change may be a task. If you need an oil change in Las Vegas, Asian Imports Auto would be happy to schedule an appointment that’s convenient with your schedule. We’ve been repairing and servicing vehicles since 2001 and take pride in our dedication to providing excellent service. Give us a call today.

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