Why are my Brake Pads Wearing Down Faster than Normal?

Brake pads are a vital component to your vehicle's brake system. They work to apply pressure to the brake rotors to slow and stop your vehicle. Like with most vehicle components that ensure a lot of pressure and heat, your brake pads will wear down and will need replacing over time. Your vehicle's manufactuer will outline the proper intervals for how often your brake pads should be replaced. However, if you find yourself needing brake pads way more often than you should, there could be a bigger issue at play. 

Lets look at some of the potential causes for brake pads wearing down at a faster rate than normal. 

  • More often than not, the cause of excessively worn brake pads is due to driver error. It typically happens with drivers who use two feet to drive - one on the gas and one on the brake. What ends up happening is the foot on the brake pedal never really releases from the brake pedal, causing a constant pressure on the brake pad. This is what causes the pads to wear down excessively in a short amount of time. 
  • Corroded slide pins of the brake calipers can also cause the caliper to not slide out evenly, which can leave the brake pads on the rotor at all times.
  • Warped or worn out rotors can also cause your brake pads to wear excessively. 
  • Cheap brake pads are also known to wear down a lot quickly than quality, OEM brake pads.

If you know that you are due for new brake pads, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Asian Imports Auto. What our experts can do is get you new, OEM or better brake pads and ensure that they are installed correctly. Then, we can evaluate the rest of your brake system to see if there is any issue causing premature wear of your brake pads. If so, we can provide you with quality repairs to fix the problem and save you money on brake pads in the future. 

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