Why Does My A/C Have a Foul Smell?

It's not fun cruising around town with an unpleasant smelling A/C blowing out of your vent. You have no idea where the smell is coming from! Unbeknown to some, some smells can easily creep in your car's A/C. Here's what you need to know and what it may mean for your vehicle. There's a possibility that you're smelling something that's in the atmosphere that's just getting filtered through your A/C. If this is the case, driving away will simply resolve the problem. However, you should be worried if the smell is persistent and smells of gas, mold/mildew, vinegar, or burnt. Here is what those scents may indicate:


Gasoline Smell: Even though your car has a cabin air filter, it may not be able to block more pungent smells like gasoline. If your vehicle has a fuel leak, there is a high chance that it will get sucked into your cabin and through the A/C system.


Mold/Mildew: If your A/C reeks of mold or mildew, it may be mold or bacteria building up in your system. The older your vehicle is, the more junk can accumulate in the system, especially when dealing with moisture components like your A/C. If your nose picks up this foul smell, you need to have your A/C inspected to remove this scent.


Vinegar: Different things could cause your car to smell like vinegar. It can be a type of mold that has built up in your A/C. But there's also the possibility that your battery could be leaking acid, or there may be ozone emissions that can cause this issue. Please have a professional check this out.


Burning: The smell of burnt goods is never a good sign, and there are a few things that can cause this scent to seep through your A/C vents. You may have an A/C compressor issue, an electrical shortage, or burning wires. 


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