Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Brake repair is essential for your vehicle, as it keeps driving safe for you and others around you. Yet brakes are mechanical and are subject to failure, wear, and tear.

A common problem that happens with drivers at times is a mechanical quirk known as "brake shudder," which is when you come to a complete traffic stop and feel a shaking in your brakes. Worse yet, it permeates into the steering column, thus causing your wheel to shake hard, and that's when you know you are having a serious issue within your brakes that warrants immediate attention. When this happens, your suspension gets affected as well.

Brake shudder has its roots in any number of issues, from bad calipers and warped rotors to brand new brake pads that still need to be broken in. Whatever the issue is, it should be addressed right away before real danger happens. Vibrations felt in the steering wheel mean that your front rotors have gone bad. But if the same sensation is felt in the brake pedal, then it's your back rotors that need attention right away.

Other problems arise, including worn-out brake pads or ones that are covered in dirt and grime. Even brake pads that try to clamp down on warped rotors can cause violent shaking to happen, and that's when its time to have them inspected right away. Bad alignment and poor suspension can also wreak havoc on your braking system as tie rods, ball joints, and other vital parts become worn over time. This is the best reason to get your brakes and brake pads checked as soon as possible so you can drive safely.

There are ways for you to reduce brake shudder, such as avoiding situations where you brake suddenly. Vehicles that do deliveries, cabs, and any other car that is prone to making too many stops can add wear and tear to brake pads and rotors. Your pads will eventually wear thin, thus needing a replacement right away.

When you notice these signs, don't worry. If you need brake repair, come and visit our auto repair shop today!

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