Your Las Vegas Mechanic

“Every man needs a barber and mechanic he can trust. Being new to the Las Vegas area, I can’t tell you how Happy I am that I have found an honest mechanic.”

Daniel D

Cost Effective Auto Care

“Have taken my cars to the facility for many yrs. and feel very confident the services provided are excellent and cost effective. I trust the service people and their work.One person Tom very congenial and personable.”

Eleanor C.

Emergency Auto Repair

“I came into the shop in the early afternoon with an emergency part failure. The part was immediately ordered for delivery late afternoon and installed the next morning (Sat). Great service. Thanks.”

Robert K.

Auto Care Guidance

“I like that it’s a clean comfy lobby and calm folks who can & will answer questions. Car repairs can be expensive & sudden & not everyone has a mechanic friend to get guidance from.”

Heather L.

Customer Oriented Mechanics

“The staff are very knowledgeable and customer oriented. Patient and Friendly. Tim and Keith are great.”

Angela G.

Honest Auto Repair Las Vegas

“As I was waiting for my car, an elderly couple came in to get a second opinion on a dealer’s list of repairs. I couldn’t help but to appreciate Keith’s honest advice to them.”

Maethee R.

Great Lexus and Infiniti Service

“Been taking our Lexus and Infiniti for Svc to both locations for few years now. Jim and Keith are really knowledgeable when it comes to car services/repairs. Really cool guys.”

William N.