As your source for Subaru repair in Las Vegas we’d like to talk about safety for young drivers.

Nevada has some relatively stringent rules about young people getting their license and even if they fulfill all their classroom requirements and have 50 hours of behind the wheel experience, it is still up to you the parent to decide if your child is ready for the responsibility of driving a car. What are some things to look for to decide if your young driver is ready to be set loose.

1.Your child is takes their responsibilities seriously. Does he or she do their homework and their chores at home without having to be reminded?

2. When practice driving has she avoided an accident? Successfully avoiding an impact makes a big impression on a teen and while you shouldn’t take you child in search of a near miss, if you’ve seen them in action, you can rest easier knowing they’ve got the reflexes to handle fast moving situations.

3. Does he focus on driving when he’s driving? If your teen is acting distracted by music and conversation on practice drives, you should wait because he’ll only be more unfocused without a parent in the car.

Many family eagerly await a second or third driver so he or she can help out with driving sibling and with errands but if you feel your teen is just not ready it’s time to be the adult and make them wait as it could be safer for everyone in the long run.

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