Help Prepare Your New Teen Driver

Remember when you were a teenager and learning how to drive?  Do you remember receiving your driver’s license from the local Department of Motor Vehicles?  How about that first drive with nobody else in the vehicle? Sure, it was probably a long time ago, but for most of us it was a major milestone in our lives.  For me there was a tremendous feeling of excitement and freedom that came with being able to drive on my own. The responsibility that came with driving really didn’t surface until much later. 

Now as a parent with teenage drivers, my attention had been focused on the responsibilities of my children, and as a parent to keep them and everyone around them out of danger.  The first step was to get them the proper training for on and off the road. This begins with a study of the new driver handbook and an approved driver education course where they learn the rules of the road, road signs and traffic laws. 

Next, they can learn how to operate a motor vehicle on public highways where traffic and pedestrians will test their reactions and situational awareness. This is also the time where you are tested as a parent.  I found I learned about myself and my own driving during this process. It is not easy to teach the proper techniques when you have developed decades of bad habits. Spending time with an approved driving instructor during this period should be a priority and will take some pressure off the parent while allowing some impartial praise and criticism of your young driver.  Instructors will help explain the danger of texting and other distractions while driving. Consider installing a hands-free stereo/telephone in the vehicle if it doesn’t have one. 

The final step for me is to make sure the vehicle they are operating is safe and dependable. The last thing we want for our teenage drivers is to be involved in an accident due to an avoidable malfunction of the vehicle they are driving.   Teach your teens how to inspect basic items of vehicle safety such as, checking the lights and wiper blades, proper tire inflation and tread depth measurements, fluid level checks and observing gauges and warning lights. Learning how to change a flat tire in a safe space is a great tool as well.

Asian Imports Auto is here to help you when you need to train your young driver.  Give your children the confidence they need to be on the road alone. We can teach you and your new driver all these basic strategies at no cost. We are happy to help, just ask us! 

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