Summer is a difficult time for us all. The heat forces us to spend all of our time inside, in the safety of our air-conditioned homes or offices. Unfortunately the heat is not only difficult on our bodies, but it is also hard on our vehicles as well. Our Nissan repair experts in Las Vegas can help you to keep your car running strong all summer long with the following summer maintenance tips:

  1. Frequently check your tires- Did you know that the heat can actually change tire pressure? If your tire is under-inflated it could cause it to bulge outward, which can put excess pressure on the sidewalls of the tires. The surplus of pressure and heat can cause your tire to blow. That is why you should regularly check the pressure in your tires.
  2. Keep your battery clean- The chemical reaction in a battery can be sped up by the summer heat, which can cause your battery to become overly charged. This can seriously shorten the life of your battery. The fluid inside your battery can also be evaporated by excess heat. A great way to combat this is to keep your battery clean!
  3. Replace your air filter- The winter can cause your car’s air filter to be clogged with salt and other debris, which can have consequences for fuel efficiency. Changing a clogged filter could improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 10%.

Your vehicle is a major investment. Don’t let the summer decrease your car’s life. Make sure that your investment lasts by following these easy maintenance tips.

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